11 Top Trainers Share Their Favorite Workout Snacks

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By Charlotte Andersen

Top Trainers Share Their Favorite Workout Snacks

A post-workout snack isn’t just any snack. You want to make sure you’re getting enough nutrients to protect those muscles you’ve put so much work into, and yet you don’t want to down a protein shake that’s twice the calories of what you just burned on the treadmill. It’s a tricky balance and for most of us, and often trial and error to figure out what works best.

Trainers and coaches have spent their whole careers testing out what helps them refuel and recover after crushing it in the gym. Sadly, most of us aren’t rich or famous enough to get a private session with the fitness elite to get their snacking intel. (And, no, we don’t recommend following a pro around the gym and taking a quick slurp of her shake when no one’s looking.) To spare you from having to go Special Ops for snacks, we’ve asked eleven of the country’s foremost experts to tell you what they eat, when they eat it, and why—and you may be surprised by some of their answers!

1. Alfonso Moretti, personal trainer, champion bodybuilder and creator of The Angry Trainer fitness program

Keep it light for early morning workouts.

By sunrise, Alfonso Moretti is usually already in the gym, hitting the weights. Early morning workouts are his favorite, both for himself and his clients, but a tough interval session first thing in the morning can also be hard on your stomach. “If you’re going to be up for less than an hour prior to the workout, I’d suggest either exercising in a fasted state or eating a small piece of fruit to boost blood sugar levels. A big meal prior to exercise may make you nauseous and slow you down.” He adds that if you’re new to early morning workouts then your body will need to learn to make and provide energy for the session in the absence of calories.

If nausea is slowing you down, he suggests bringing a watered-down sports drink and to start sipping it after 20 minutes into the session to provide a slow stream of energy and keep your blood-sugar levels stable.

2. Erica Giovinazzo, MS, RD, CrossFit trainer​ and nutritionist

Top Trainers Share Their Favorite Workout Snacks: Smoothie

CrossFit is known for being a super-intense workout that relies on both strength and aerobic fitness (and knee socks). So post-sweat fest Erica Giovinazzo makes sure she replenishes her energy and maintains her hard-earned muscles. “I have a protein shake mixed with fruit. Because our bodies have used up all our glycogen stores after a hard workout and basically all the energy it had, it is important to refuel it with both carbs, which will be absorbed by muscles first, and protein to help prevent …read more

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