The Ultimate Guide to Totally Nailing Every One of Your Goals in 2015

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By Sally Tamarkin

The Ultimate Guide to Totally Nailing Every One of Your Goals This Year
The Ultimate Guide to Totally Nailing Every One of Your Goals This Year

If you’re looking to kick off 2015 with a pledge to get healthier, fitter, or happier, we have 100 (one hundred!) easy-to-implement tips to start you on your way. Whether you want to exercise more, eat healthier, stress less, booze less, lose weight, quit smoking, manage money better, get more sleep, learn a new skill, or go green the hints, tips, and steps below will help, guide, and support your efforts. Happy new year!

The Ultimate Guide to Totally Nailing Every One of Your Goals This Year: Exercise More

Working out isn’t just for getting buff. Exercising results in a ton of benefits, from reducing stress and anxiety, to improving self-confidence, to enhancing cognitive function. The good news is that adding regular exercise to your day isn’t tough. Just use the tips below and start moving!

1. Exercise any and everywhere.
With awesome home workouts, you can exercise even if finding the time, budget, or transportation to make it to the gym is tough.

2. Keep your workouts fresh.
Stave off the dreaded workout rut by trying something new or unexpected, working with a personal trainer, or rocking a new playlist.

3. Get motivated.
Keep your routine on track by reminding yourself of the incredible benefits of exercising, seeking workout inspiration, or becoming an “intrinsic motivator” (someone whose drive to succeed comes from within, rather than from external factors). If you don’t consider yourself a natural intrinsic motivator, you can work towards becoming one with a few simple steps that include charting your progress, practicing positive self-talk, and visualizing your goals.

4. Work out first thing in the morning.
The upsides to working out in the a.m. might just inspire night owls to become morning people! Exercising before breakfast has been linked to effective fat loss Breakfast and exercise contingently affect postprandial metabolism and energy balance in physically active males. Gonzalez JT, Veasey RC, Rumbold PL, et al. British Journal of Nutrition. 2013 Aug;110(4):721-32.. Plus, getting your workout done first thing ensures it’s completed before the day gets away from you.

5. Work out while you work.
Seated doesn’t have to mean sedentary. Any time you’re stuck in the cubicle or hunched over a keyboard, take a break for deskercise. Even if they don’t prep you for an upcoming Ironman, those breaks will get the blood flowing …read more

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