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The collective years of success exceeds 126 years. Our group of dedicated professionals follows the passion to do what is right, improve upon that which is proven and help set brands apart from the norm.

Our Team

  • D. William Pettigrew
    D. William Pettigrew Managing Partner

    32 years of successful cross management in all aspects of business, operations and creative brand marketing. His consumer branding crosses over national brands as well as the private label industry. A diverse array of leadership and managerial skills has enabled this leader to identify brand success. An Alumni of Utah State University in Business, he resides in Salt Lake City with his wife. Owner of Bluebox Honey, humanitarian, competitive golfer, look to the high country to find him when he is not in the office.

  • John V. Porter
    John V. Porter Managing Partner

    Over 30 years of leadership in the consumer products and medical industry. His success: building, managing and maximizing standards of performance in all facets of the business. A national award winner leading teams to introduce new medical products in multiple disease states.  Alumni of the University of Texas at Arlington with degrees in Business and Science, and a MS in Pharmaceutical Science.  John resides in Dallas with his wife, children and grandson. He has been active in the fitness and bodybuilding community for most of his life.  John can be found building, nurturing and grooming the hundreds of thousands of acres on his west Texas ranch…a typical Texas tale.


Developing products with a focus on human health and wellness is not easy. Trust is the bedrock for consumer confidence, respect and loyalty. Our dedication to research and development provides cutting new age technology with years of tenured insights. It is where concepts become real. Discovery and research are the bridges which inspire a leading scientific team to win, improve and concur with excellence.



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